Anne Garrett is founder and president of Theology Café®, Inc. She is a gifted communicator and is passionate about faith and values. She is an honors graduate of the University of Michigan and holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education. Anne teaches for Gwinnett County.

Bill Smith is Director of C.S. Lewis Institute-Atlanta and president of On the Way, an equipping ministry devoted to renewing the mind, engaging the heart, and encouraging community. Bill teaches in a variety of contexts, including churches, schools, businesses, conference/retreat centers, coffeehouses (a frequent facilitator at Theology Café®), bookstores, and homes.

Leroy Lemar is an accomplished conference speaker, teacher and trainer. His classes include an Introduction to Apologetics, Cults and World religions, Logic and Ethics and have taken him across the globe to Africa, Australia , Canada and the United States . He is currently pursuing his PhD at Emory University.

Tim Isaacson’s background is in public health and has degrees from Texas A&M University and the University of California at Berkeley. He enjoys speculative fiction especially the cultural insights and critiques that was once called Cyberpunk. Prioritizing his devotional rhythm in life is his main focus.